Here is four for your weekend. Some new, some old, all KILLER!
Malente – Manrox(Saint Pauli RMX)
Soulwax – Krack
The Lowbrows – Dream In The Desert(Hystereo Rebrand)
Electric Soulside – Music Take Control


May 26, 2009

Wha? Huh? Who? Yes, that is the name of this band. Dananananakroyd! They effin kill it! I’m only gonna ask this, what is not to love about a six piece band from Glasgow that has two drummers that play in unison and has a name like that? This “fight pop” is the shiznit!!!
Dananananakroyd – Black Wax
Dananananakroyd – Chrome Rainbow

The Horrors

May 26, 2009

Totally loving this new album from British shoegazers “The Horrors”. Their sophomore album “Primary Colours” is chock full of layered keyboards, swirling guitars, and psychedelic feedback and distortion. Its as almost the lead singer is trying to conjure up Ian Curtis of Joy Division. Solid album all the way through. It should be though considering it was produced by Geoff Barrows. He is the guy that also produces Portishead. Some bloggers and critics are already hailing “Primary Colours” to be named album of the year. We will just have to wait and see on that one. Here is a couple of licks of what “The Horrors” have to offer.
The Horrors – Mirrors Image
The Horrors – Sea Within A Sea


May 23, 2009

Dubstep. It has been around in the U.K. for quite some time now. So I’m told. It’s all new to me for the most part. I must say though, so far I am truly lovin it. It’s bottom heavy, grimey, head splitting goodness. I do wish I knew more about it and its producers. These are a couple of tracks so far that I have found and enjoyed. If anyone can point me in the right direction on learning more about it I would greatly appreciate it. Hope everyone is having a good weekend and stay safe!!!
AC Slater – Hello!(LFTCLCK remix)
12th Planet – Control feat. Emu(Skream remix)
Guns n Bombs – Riddle of Steel(12th Planet remix)
George Lenton – Jungle Whomp

Back to it…

May 21, 2009

So, so happy right now. Just landed a new job. Still gonna be in the realm of nightclubs, but this one is better pay, better sound system, better atmosphere. That is part of the reason I have not made any new post for about 2 weeks. Oh well, blogging does not pay the bills. Thats to bad. Anyway, here is a couple of festive tracks to put a smile on your face!!!
Mr. Scruff – Get A Move On
Kraak & Smaak – Squeeze Me
So, I have no plans tonight. It kinda sucks, but it is probaly for the best. Don’t wanna go see moma on Mothers Day with a hangover. So I hope everyone else has got some good things going on tonight. Be safe and don’t get into to much trouble. Remember, you need to go see your moma’s too!
So with that said, here is the second volume of “Put some dance in those pants”. I think that I am gonna keep this up for a bit. Just so I can throw up some random ass shakin tunes that I have been bouncin around to. Hope you enjoy!
Zero Db – Bongos, Bleeps, & Basslines
Metronomy – Radio Ladio (Radioclit Swedish remix)
Simian Mobile Disco – Love (Beyond the Wizards Sleeve Re-animation)

Proof of Ghosts!!!

May 7, 2009

This is a band that has been on my playlist for about a year or so. I know they have been around for awhile, but don’t hate on me for being a little late to the show. Hailing from Austin, Texas is this fantastic duo called the Ghostland Observatory. For you readers that are already fans, disregard this post. This is for the newbies.
Ghostland Observatory consist of two friends Aaron Behrens and Thomas Turner. According to their myspace page they are not a band, but rather an agreement to make music that pleases their souls. I guess for new listeners the best way to describe them would be an electro-rock dance orgy. Yes, I think that sums up the sound.
So give them an honest listen. Then ask yourself this. Is it beat drivin madness, or are they controlled by the soul of rock n roll?
Ghostland Observatory – Sad Sad City
Ghostland Observatory – Stranger Lover
Ghostland Observatory – Silver City

Thank god that it is the weekend. Hope everyone has got plans. I know I sure do. Here are some tracks to help get ya motivated and movin! Hope you enjoy!!!
Tits & Clits – Armageddon
Fake Blood – Mars
The Presets – My People (D.I.M. remix)
Grum – Go Back (Le Castle Vania remix)