February 22, 2010

So, those of you that know, you definetly know that I love dance music.  I don’t post alot of it, but it really is a passion of mine.  I mean c’mon, I have been djing for about 10 years now.  I get it, I love it.


So I am gonna do a dance music post.  For those of you that are not into it, well, dismiss.  For those of you that do like dance music, well, here ya go.

I was browsing around in my Itunes and started to play some of the GRUM tracks that I have.  Woah, why the hell did I not post this earlier?  No idea.  I drink alot.  Anyhow, Graeme Shepherd aka GRUM is a DJ/Producer out of the UK.  His shit is dope!  Yes, dope.  He does alot of indie/electro styled beats with his own signature sound.  He is also got some pretty big remixes under his belt as well.  This guy has remixed everything from Lady Gaga to Kings of Leon.  Right, right?  I am not gonna post that stuff though.  I would rather you hear some of his more raw tunes.  Enjoy.



Keenhouse – Ar-ies (GRUM remix)

Passion Pit – To Kingdom Come (GRUM vocal mix)



October 10, 2009


Dreamwave is a style of dance music that is basically being branded by LA’s Binary.  Binary is a collective, record label, and blogspot.  I must say, I am loving everything that these guys are pushing.  This style of dance music is more synthi, laidback, and, well, dreamy.  I did a post about NightWaves earlier.  Here are three more artist coming from this amazing new scene.

Keenhouse – Ari-es

LexiconDon – Heart Attack

Kimouts – Sometimes (The Diogenes Club Remix)