Memory Tapes

October 4, 2009

memory tapes

Memory Tapes new album “Seek Magic” is captivating.  It is that perfect blend of indie, electro, dreamwave, goodness.  The story behind the man that is Memory Tapes is interesting as well.  Dayve Hawk is a stay at home dad from Jersey.  As far as I know, he does not tour or have any intentions of doing so.  It is amazing how this clandestine, nature lover makes this great shoegaze music out of his basement.  Hopefully, he will reconsider touring.  One can wish.

Memory Tapes – Green Knight

 Memory Tapes – Plain Material


Seasons End

September 6, 2009

Where did it go? And for that matter, why did it go so fast? Once again summer is leaving us and the cold will slowly, but surely be creeping back. I am not ready for that. The past 3 months are a blur to me. Partly because I have been busy as hell and partly because I have had one to many Heinekins. What is one to do?
Here are some more of the fantastic tunes that I have discovered. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do.
Fibes, Oh Fibes! – Love Child
Friendly Fires – Kiss Of Life
Memory Tapes – Plain Material
Patrick Watson – Luscious Life
Generationals – Nobody Could Change Your Mind
Circulatory System – Overjoyed