The Presets

September 2, 2009

I know these guys have been blogged about for some time now. In fact it has been years since people have been raving about them. They astonished bloggers and critics with their first album “Beams”. So, you may ask, why are you writing about them now? Well, here is the answer to that. I am writing about them because they are worth writing about. I should have done so right off the bat with my first blog entry on Camels and Crown.
The Presets, for me at least, seemed to pick up where Underworld left off. Now I still love Underworld, but The Presets remind me of what Underworld used to create. Intense, vocal driven, catchy electronic music. The Presets will assault your eardrums with their crazy, digi-pop-punk anthems.
So I am gonna provide you with some of these fine Australian boys bangin tunes off of their latest album “Apocolypso”. For those of you that have not ever heard them before I hope you will enjoy them as much as I have. Seriously, these guys fuckin’ rock!!!
The Presets – My People
The Presets – A New Sky
The Presets – Together