Local Natives

February 18, 2010

So while I was bumbling around the internet last night I came across some indie-folksy awesomeness.  The Local Natives are a quintet from California and really are quite special.  They kinda remind of the rock bands of the very late past.  You know, all that stuff from the 60’s.  I could be wrong, but that was my first impression.  Also what impresses me about this band is the fact that they have three vocalist.  Can you say “harmonizing”?  It’s effin great!  I think this band will give label mates Temper Trap a run for their money.  See for yourself.

Local Natives – Airplanes

Local Natives – Sun Hands

Local Natives – Camera Talk


Sweet Disposition

October 23, 2009

the temper trap...

I did a previous post about these fine Aussie gentleman back in September and since their US release they are gaining a good amount of attention.  So I thought it would be appropriate to share a couple of remixes of their hit single Sweet Disposition.  I love the original the most still, but these are two good reworkings by Alan Wilkis and Doorly.  Enjoy.

The Temper Trap – Sweet Disposition (Alan Wilkis Remix)

The Temper Trap – Sweet Disposition (Doorly Remix)


The Temper Trap

September 28, 2009

the temper trap

What can I say, The Temper Trap is a breath of fresh air.  To me, at least, music was starting to get a little bland.  Then I heard these guys.  The Temper Trap’s frontman Dougy has a voice of an angel.  He really does not sound like anyone else around right now.  This Melbourn bands new album “Conditions” is produced by Jim Abiss.  This guy also produced other great acts such as The Arctic Monkeys and Kasabian.  The Traps new album has a US release date for October 13th.  Do yourself a favor and go purchase this gem of an LP.

The Temper Trap – Sweet Disposition

The Temper Trap – Love Lost

The Temper Trap – Science of Fear


The Temper Trap – Science of Fear (Herve Dub Remix)

The Long Journey

August 31, 2009

Unbelievable. I went all summer without even writing one blog. It’s amazing how new events in ones life can keep them from doing some of the things they love. Now I am not saying that blogging is at the top of my list, but I still do enjoy discovering and sharing new music. I will not ramble about my summer because quite frankly, I do not believe most readers care. All I want to do with this posting is share some of the musical gems that I have discovered in past weeks. Please sample each band and enjoy these tunes to the fullest.
Dan Black – U + Me
The Black and White Years – The Power to Change
The Subjects – The Hounds of War
The Big Pink – Velvet
The Temper Trap – Sweet Disposition
The Drums – Lets Go Surfing
P.S. – I will try to be more productive with this blog. Hope you have not all left me for dead.